How to start a conversation with a girl on Social Media

If you are looking for a question of How to start a conversation with a girl on Social Media? This will definitely help you.

Today, I will tell you how to write your first message on social media. So that the girl will definitely get interested in you. If you are interested in this topic, you will absolutely enjoy this and let’s go!. So you have downloaded tinder and are eager to find a cute European girl, great. You rock!.

You are ready to shake heaven and earth, offer her a heart and a hand. Likewise, you visualize. How you work with her, hand in hand along the beach, and you live happily ever after. That’s just awesome!.

But are you really sure how to get her interest, how to make her answer at least once, let alone make her fall in love with you. I have prepared a list of techniques that will suit various guys. What doesn’t work for some will become a favourite method for others in one word?

It’s a master list of tips for every occasion that you may arm yourself with and apply in various situations with various girls. These are the points of How to start a conversation with a girl.

Tips & Trick of How to start a conversation with a girl on Social Media:

1) Write a compliment

Let’s start, and the first type of messages you may and should write are compliments. But there is one thing a compliment shouldn’t be ecstatic like “oh you’re so beautiful”, “what a smile”, “I’m drowning in your eyes”. Such things won’t attract her attention.

Well, if she’s sane, compliments should rather describe not her natural virtues like appearance but her personality. That is, instead of complimenting her beautiful figure, focus on her style. After all, her style is something that she herself developed and most likely she has put a lot of effort into it so. She will be pleased if you pay attention to it.


So the second point of my secret list is templates, our favourite. Templates yes how great they are copy-paste no brain use. But jokes aside, Sometimes we all feel tired, brain-dead but still want to talk, templates are perfect for such situations.

A very popular greeting pattern is giving her a nickname. It can be based on what a girl looks like. For example, if she’s wearing a red dress in her profile picture. You may write Hi rose! Freckles, smiley, curly, you name it. This technique is time-tested, so you may safely use it.

Another popular template is cats, for example, my cat and I mutually decide whom to meet and he liked you. All girls love cats so much a greeting will definitely be a success.

3) Write her a direct offer

The third life hack is to write her a direct offer. This is what I also call a rough offer. I must warn you that this is not for everyone. Only for those who manage to have beautiful pictures, good looks, and confidence. If you have it all. Then you may ask for her number right away.

4) Write something intriguing

Write something intriguing to her, For example, “Hi I know something about you that most guys won’t notice” or “you have two rare qualities that attract people”. Here you will need to wait for a while. So to say till she hits up to the right degree don’t give it right away play with her. She will fall for it.

5) Provoke her

Let’s go to the fifth life hack. Provoke her a little. It shouldn’t seem aggressive. Remember the main thing. Your goal is to catch her interest. So that she will reply as soon as possible. So here being provocative is not some vulgar or rude behaviour rather a game.

For example, you may write “may I ask you a personal question” then there will most likely be a pause, and then you write “are you by any chance a designer” it will give her a burst of emotions as if on a roller coaster. When you feel relief after a powerful twist and turn.


The fifth point of my heavenly checklist is a lead. What are we looking for, the information in her profile?. This is a more personal and therefore more effective method. You definitely won’t be considered a fake and your message won’t be seen as a boring cliché.

If you use information from the page of your target girl. She will realize that you are writing precisely to her. So this method increases conversion, that is, the number of girls who would like to continue chatting with you. That’s how it works.

Let’s say! I post a photo from a shoot on my page. If you are uncaring looking at this picture you’ll most likely think that. I’m just sitting against some unusual background and if you’re smart you will write something like can you recommend a good camera or you already have good friends and one day I will be among them but the most loyal. So you get it. Write something about her specifically. Don’t worry she definitely will appreciate it.


Use different techniques and combine them. Combining is also a very effective method. Examples are all around us. Let’s take a message from our previous 4 point where you are asking her a personal question. “If you make a combo with a lead here that would be great” that is if it is more or less clear what she is doing for a living you may ask her about it. She of course will ask “what is so personal about it” you may answer “that all job-related questions are in some way personal“.

8) Offer her something crazy and unusual

The eighth technique offers her something crazy and unusual. for example, “let’s go make a snowman” if it’s snowing in her country. Pay attention to this too or “let’s go rob some banks“, “let’s go drink garlic smoothie” and so on yes everyone is tired of daily life. Everyone is looking for an extraordinary little bit crazy date. They will immediately see that dating you can turn into an amazing celebration and when She responds why not you are welcome.

9) Write an untypical answer

Ninth method on my list. Write an untypical answer to those who visit your page. This opener is relevant for social media like Instagram, Facebook, or any other social network. Where you can get likes from other users.

If you realize that your photos were liked by some pretty girl, and you want to start a conversation then write something like that “wow what a guest” or “well you’re like a cat you come unexpectedly” leave marks but say nothing or something like “well um that’s a first you’ve seen how handsome I am” and didn’t write a word or something like “you’re so patient checked my page viewed every photo and didn’t write anything” or something like that’s “unfair you checked my page liked me but sent me no message” be sure she will be flattered.


The ten method to start communication is to go with cute weird phrases like “purpur purr“, “meow meow”,how do we do“, “baby! ne than thaya etc. Yes, many girls react to them too. After all, deep down we have this basic instinct and sometimes.

React to such messages more willingly than to words take advantage of that. Of course, this method is more suitable for girls who mention on their page that they love everything cute they have pictures with adorable cats and stuff.

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