TOP Bollywood Actresses Who Looks Horrible After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has gone wrong. Bollywood has advocacy for beauty and has set a different standard for it.

Whatsoever, no matter how fake it is or how painful. One has to subscribe to that standard and look flawless from every which angle. One needs to sink her teeth into the almost impenetrable beauty levels. So our divas take no qualms in going under the knife.

But not always they sometimes succeed it’s luck or other time it’s the selection of the wrong plastic surgeon but in major times. It’s the attempt to leave others behind that makes the doer bear the brunt of a failed surgery. We will hereunder discuss a few actresses whose plastic surgery has gone wrong horribly, and picked us lately plastic surgery has gone wrong.

Gohar Khan

The former MTV VJ and current item girl of Bollywood gone under the knife too for a lip job whose result was horrendous. You will have trouble recognizing her now. If compared with the old photos she had really a  beautiful face. Which made men hold a torch for her but looking at her now only makes us sad.

Aisha Takiya

She was cute as a button and her bunching lip job now makes her look like medusa the witch. Asha takia has robbed many men off their sleep with her sensuous scarves followed by a very pretty face. But she looks not even close to what. She used to look before god knows what she was thinking

Rakhi Sawant

The moral mouth of Bollywood is labeled as an item girl who can  be likened with silicon valley altogether. Thanks 
to her myriad plastic surgeries, she went under  the knife many times for liposuction chiseling the jawline nose job, eyelid enhancements and ended up looking like a walking talking manny queen.

Amitra Khoi Namitra

Amitra Khoi Namitra had perfect Bengali girl features which she ruined after going through the knife. God knows what made her apprehensive about her nose and she opted for a  nose job which ended up in horrible note. She in this bargain jeopardized her career and life too. She who had a lot of promise now is only remembered as the one with a botched up nose job.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma went for a lip job and ended up having an awkward duck pout. She appeared in the Karan Johar talk show for the first time after the surgery and faced winds of criticism even became the butt of jokes after that. She looked cuter before nevertheless. Anushka was in complete denial about the surgery and said it was a temporary lip plumping deed.

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