What To Wear On Your Period | Style Tips For Your Period

Uncomfortable is the perfect word for how you feel during that time of the month. The most important question is What To Wear On Your Period?.

But don’t let your periods cramp your style. Here some fashionable yet functional tips to make sure your monthly madness doesn’t drive your wardrobe crazy too.

These are the points of What To Wear On Your Period are:

It’s all about the base

This sensitive time takes a toll on our skin as well. Wearing synthetic fabrics that irritate the skin can lead to red bumps. So pick clothes in natural and soft fabrics like cotton or linen. The same applies to your lingerie as well. Cotton lingerie will be the smoothest on your skin and will protect you from rashes.

The bottom line

Let’s be honest, the bottoms you choose to wear dictate how comfortable you feel. Although we would love to just put on a pair of sweatpants, that’s not the best option for our outfit.

When picking the right pants, it’s all about the waistband. A stretchy waistband guarantees a comfortable day ahead. Leggings and palazzos are the perfect weapon for your war against discomfort. Pair your leggings with kurtas or shirt dresses to cover up any unwanted bulk.

Layer up

Black is what we naturally gravitate towards during periods, but here’s how to not look like you’re in mourning for the entire week. Brighten up monochrome outfits with colourful accessories.

Pick brightly coloured belts and sneakers that won’t compromise your comfort. Layering with a coloured jacket will not only brighten up a monochrome outfit, but it will also add an extra layer of protection to soothe any paranoia.

Relaxed & safe

Relaxed & loose dresses or skirts are your saviours. They camouflage unsightly bloating Tights or shorts will give you an extra layer of protection and the waistband will put the right amount of pressure on your abdomen to soothe cramps.

Boot camp

If your feet are happy, you’re happy. Your shoes can contribute towards your comfort level throughout the week. A simple pair of slip on sneakers can do wonders. The option to wear fuzzy socks? Sounds like perfection! So bid farewell to all your monthly worries and confidently tackle all that comes your way, in stylish armour.

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